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San Coyote, Patron Saint of Wounded Animals - Screen print

$200.00 USD

"San Coyote"
Patron Saint of Wounded, Exploited, and Eradicated Wildlife

As the most persecuted native carnivore and a species that has existed in North America since the Pleistocene, the Coyote represents all misunderstood and exploited predators. Poisoned, trapped, aerial gunned and killed for bounties and in contests, an estimated 500,000 coyotes die every year in the U.S. alone — one per minute. Revered and respected by Native Americans for their intelligence and resilience, coyotes have much to teach us about the capacity to evolve and coexist in the face of rapid ecological and social change.

By changing attitudes toward coyotes, we replace fear and misconceptions with respect and appreciation for all native carnivores as ambassadors for healthy and sustainable ecosystems.

- Project Coyote

Five color Serigraph
Metallic gold ink

Print size: 13"x24"
Image area: 11"x20.5"

100lb French Paper
Color: Starch White
Attributes: 100% recycled Speckletone with visible flecks and shives

Ships in thick durable tube
* Local pickup available use code LOCALPICKUP at checkout.

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